Home organizing
Home organizing

Your paperwork is piling up and you don't have the courage to tackle it...

You want to sort through your clothes, but you tend to want to keep everything...

The cellar is overflowing and you've been promising yourself to tidy it up for months without ever taking action...

My services

Together, we tackle the space of your choice. The goal: a functional environment in which you feel comfortable.

First we sort, then we tidy up/organize, sometimes both at the same time…


I support you in this key stage of decluttering, helping you to take action and sort efficiently. When in doubt, I'll help you clarify your relationship with the objects around you, so you can decide what to keep, give away, sell or throw away.

Tidying up - Organizing

I bring you ideas, advice and practical help. I place great importance on understanding your needs and how you work, so that I can propose appropriate solutions and create a space that makes your daily life easier.

À la carte

Depending on your needs and budget, I can adapt to the size of the project: we can sort, tidy and organise a small wardrobe, the room of your choice or your entire home! For some people, all that's needed is a helping hand to motivate them and get them started, while others prefer to be guided from start to finish.

In person

I come to your home for one or more sessions. I provide motivation and advice, as well as practical physical help. At the end of each session, I'll take the items you've decided to donate to the various organisations that collect them (Emmaüss, Centre Social Protestant, etc.)

Area covered: Canton of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and surroundings


This option allows you to benefit from my support wherever you live. I offer online sessions lasting around 1 hour, during which I guide you step by step to improve the space of your choice. I use a specific method that you can make your own, and which is unique in that it doesn't create any extra 'clutter' (the phase when you create piles and can find yourself even more helpless and indecisive!).

*In person* rates

Initial contact (15-30 min, by phone)
This first stage allows us to get to know each other and define an action plan based on your specific needs and expectations.


Session(s) of less than 3 hours
CHF 70 per hour

Session(s) of 3-5 hours
CHF 60 per hour

Travel expenses
Canton of Neuchâtel: included
Outside the canton: 70 cts/km

Fees are payable in cash (or by Twint) at the end of each session.

*online* rates

Initial call (15 min)
During this first contact, you will explain your situation and your needs/expectations. We will then schedule one or more online sessions.


Online session(s) (approx. 1 hour)
CHF 60 per hour

Fees are paid in advance via Twint or PayPal.

Customer Testimonials

When the eldest of my three children was approaching 18, I realised that we were living in an environment that no longer corresponded to the family we had become. I was gripped by a strong need to do some major sorting to declutter and lighten our flat... and my life! I was very inspired by a book I'd read on the subject (very fashionable, it has to be said). So I decided to tackle the job... But I was almost immediately stopped in my tracks by the sheer scale of the task, and above all by the anguish I felt at having to sort, make decisions and part with objects that had marked my life up to that point.

It was then, in a state of near panic, that I called Chloé Spichiger (a little flyer from her company Inside Out had once crossed my path and I'd kept it). From the very first minutes I felt that with her I could do it. Chloé is an extraordinary woman, who accompanied me admirably throughout this decluttering process. She is a highly competent, rigorous professional who is passionate about her work, creative, curious and always on the lookout for new research and experimentation in the field of home organising. She is also a very sensitive person, remarkably attentive to others and always very respectful of everyone's emotions and reactions. I felt truly accompanied by her from the beginning to the end of the process (even though we didn't always work together). The quality of this support is certainly not unrelated to Chloé's first profession, which is that of midwife. I think she has done a marvellous job of transposing the skills she acquired during the years she spent accompanying couples as their child came into the world. Without exaggerating, I can say that she has helped me to start a new life!

The last thing I'd like to say about Chloé is that she has a great sense of humour, which has been an essential part of our sessions and has turned some of the more difficult times into a very happy time. I'm infinitely grateful to Chloé for everything she gave me, which went far beyond simply tidying up our flat.

(C. B. Z.)

I called on Chloé's services when I was moving house. 

Background: 14 years living in a 160 square metre villa with basement, garden shed, garage, swimming pool and all the usual equipment for 5 people. Move to a 100 square metre flat with storage space of around 10 square metres, no garage or garden, 2 bedrooms in the attic with no possibility of installing wardrobes. Task to be carried out over 1 month, in parallel with my 100% professional activity.

This move, which felt like a mountain of things to do, heavy and restrictive, turned into a vast site of discoveries and surprises. Chloé supported me by listening to me and providing her expertise, while respecting my values, my pace and my needs. Through her observations, simple questioning and detailed analysis, she helped me take a step back, identify the emotions that arose and choose which objects I wanted to keep. At times when I felt unsettled by the sheer size of the task, she suggested concrete actions and enabled me to carry on with the work with valour, relevance and satisfaction. We sorted, tidied up, gave away, threw away, recycled, packed and catalogued each box in a logical and practical way. Chloé also did some research to suggest alternative ways of furnishing the flat and using it to its full potential.

I didn't expect that DOING this move would lead me to "rearrange" MYSELF. Clearing out the clutter has freed up my mind. I gained time, space and harmony... Even now, 6 months on, her 'questioning' tool helps me in my day-to-day life, and I can use it in other areas. When I took stock, Chloé's support and guidance were a great opportunity to open up new perspectives!

(A. C.)

A pregnancy, a birth, joy, lots of life, but also a lot of tiredness and my body changing... a fairy arrived at my house to help me step by step to:
- sort my clothes: no more boxes piling up in the attic, no more overflowing wardrobes where you can't see the clothes hidden on the back, but above all I've finally managed to keep the clothes that make me feel good every morning when I open my wardrobe.
- Tidying up my dining room: what was useless to me and to my new life is gone, the space is airier and my little one has a nice place to occupy herself when I'm cooking.
I'm looking forward to the stages still to come, because I'm going to continue to give myself those moments just for me that do me so much good. Chloé is a gentle guide who respects my rhythm, is dynamic and smiling. Her work with me has lightened a large part of my daily routine. THANK YOU! Words cannot express what these days have brought me... so I can't wait to see what happens next!

(C. P.)

One day, you find yourself wanting to sort through your belongings, in other words, to lighten up and adapt your personal environment to the changes in your life. This means turning over a few pages, parting with objects that have sustained and enhanced your life over the years - in short, letting go... This is where enlightened external support, both respectful and firm, can make the process easier. In Chloé Spichiger Borel, I found a young woman who was naturally passionate (yes!) about intelligent organisation, patient and inventive, not only when it came to the final tidying up but also in the 'waste' sorting stages. She is patient and inventive, not only when it comes to the final tidying up, but also when it comes to sorting out the 'rubbish'. In the jumble of tidying up, she never loses sight of the overall 'project', where she proves to be very efficient without rushing things. Working with her was a real pleasure, and I'd like to thank her.

(M.-J. S.)

A total and global disorganisation of my flat had been brazenly taunting me for a long time and I was incapable of facing it alone.
An umpteenth list on which I persisted in writing :
- Sort and tidy the hall cupboards
- Sort and tidy the kitchen, get rid of all the useless crockery
- Organise the bathroom more efficiently
- Sort my clothes and donate what I don't wear anymore

Thanks to Chloé, her smile, her energy, her ideas, her support and her know-how, I don't have to put it on my next list!
My unused items have come out of my cupboards to meet their new destiny, I've thrown away very little and given almost everything away.
My flat is clutter-free and naturally organised according to my needs.
Not a single cupboard stands in my way!

(B. M.)



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